The Bitesize Method

It’s hard to learn a language You could summarize our approach in one sentence:  Take one bite at a time It’s easy to get burdened and frustrated by the amount of learning ahead of you. That’s why we’ve broken down

What happens to the lessons when my membership ends?

You can access our easy Bitesize lessons for as long as you’re a paying member. When your membership ends, you will no longer have access to our online Bitesize lessons. Your membership ends when you cancel your subscription, or it

What are your different membership plans?

When you’re signing up to our online bitesize lessons membership, you’ll have the option between the following plans on  the signup page: Text Only: this will serve as a reference to some learners, if you’re only interested in referring to

How much does Bitesize Irish Gaelic membership cost?

It depends on which plan is best for you.   See our plans and sign up  for full membership. Prices are in US Dollar, but at checkout you’ll be offered your currency. Most major currencies are available.

How does membership billing work?

There’s no contract. When you  sign up as a paid member, you will get immediate access to the lessons in your selected plan. One month later (if you selected monthly membership), you will be automatically billed for your second month’s

How do I change my billing information?

It’s easy: Contact us asking to change your billing information We’ll email you back with a custom link that will let you update your billing information.

How can I cancel my account?

It’s easy to stop getting billed: Ensure you’re logged in to this site In the top right corner, hover over your email address Click “Account” Click “Cancel my account”

Can I upgrade my plan?

Sure thing. If you have a plan lower than our top plan, you can upgrade to access the entire program. This will include fast and slow conversation lesson to get you ready for Ireland. Just   contact us and ask us