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We don’t know where this idea comes from, but it’s something we get asked at Bitesize all the time, and it’s time to put the question to rest once and for all.

In a word: No. You are never too old to learn a new language!

Somewhere along the line, we got the idea that “learning is for the young.” We’ve even enshrined it in our culture as a saying: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

The biggest obstacle you will have is doubting yourself about how much you can learn.

Plus, learning a language is good for you. It challenges your brain, and keeps your memory healthy.

The worst thing you could do is simply not try to learn to speak Irish Gaelic now. We don’t want you to regret in one year’s time what you could have learned, if only you started now.

Join the Bitesize Irish clan, and you can learn to speak Irish Gaelic in easy Bitesize portions.

Am I too old to begin learning Irish Gaelic?