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The Bitesize Method gives you a proven way to find a true sense of Irishness, by making a real connection with your Irish heritage.


Get Started on your Irish language journey

Irish for Beginners – start with the single phrase you need to start a conversation in Irish Gaelic, and learn to introduce yourself. Free course delivered to you by email.

Free Trial of Bitesize Irish – experience our popular online course for learning to speak Irish Gaelic. It’s a no-obligations free trial, with no credit card required. There’s nothing holding you back from taking this step in finding your real sense of Irishness.

Become Part of Bitesize Irish

Sign Up to Bitesize Irish – sign up for the membership plan that best suits your needs. You’ll then have access to the benefits exclusive to members:

Make Progress Every Day, in Bitesize Pieces

Online Lessons – as a member, you’ll have access to our online Bitesize pieces. Don’t expect yourself to dedicate study time to Irish Gaelic once a week. If you’re like a lot of people, you might quickly feel stuck and overwhelmed if you try that approach.

As the old proverb goes: “The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.” Our process is to make the Irish language part of your every day, at your own pace. Make a habit of just opening one of our online lessons, and listening to the native speaker audio. You’ll be guided by our much-loved phonetic pronunciation guides.

If you get to the end of the lesson, take the Learning-Enhancement Quiz (depending on your chosen membership plan), so you can really feel your progress.

You’re Not Alone

Language Assistant Support – as a member of Bitesize Irish, you’ll be able to email our Language Assistance service with your learning questions. With learning a language, you’re surely going to have questions. This is like having your own teacher who you can get in touch with.

Private Facebook Group – make a connection with other Bitesizers who are on the shared journey. If you use Facebook, as a Bitesize member you’ll get access to this active private group. We regularly post motivation there. It’s also a chance for you to reach out to others, ask questions, find out how they’ve made progress.

Live Group Video – what use is learning a language if you can’t use it with anyone? Our monthly Conversation Practice sessions are held by our language support. They give you the chance for “deliberate practice” to help you jump to the next level of speaking the Irish language. This is not a test of how much you’ve learned, just our way to help you in your journey.

*Please note: Our Live Group Video sessions are currently on hold as we plan our new learning structure to be released in 2019. 

The Result

You will feel a deeper sense of belonging with your Irishness.

Take Your First Step!

Take the free course Irish for Beginners, take our Free Trial of Bitesize Irish, or Sign Up to Bitesize Irish for our benefits only available to members.

The Bitesize Method