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It’s hard to learn a language

You could summarize our approach in one sentence:  Take one bite at a time

It’s easy to get burdened and frustrated by the amount of learning ahead of you.

That’s why we’ve broken down the language into easy Bitesize portions for you.

Enjoy little victories, often.

Bitesize Irish Gaelic contains Levels

Bitesize Irish Gaelic contains Levels

The screenshot above shows the four level tabs that now make up the online Bitesize Irish Gaelic Program.

Bitesize Irish Gaelic is made up of four levels.

Level 1 starts simple and small. Each level gets you expressing yourself in more advanced steps.

You can progress as you like, and as far as you like, but we would recommend you to login daily. Based on what we have noticed with people attending our lessons, if you show up every day and read a bit of Irish Gaelic, you will have better results. So no need for you to push a strict plan on yourself of completing a lesson each day and instead just come and take a look.

Only take four Bitesize lessons a week

Only take four Bitesize lessons a week

The screenshot above shows that Week 4 of our program has four lessons in it.

Our Bitesize Method is that you don’t need to take more than on Bitesize lesson a day.

It’s much more important for your motivation to learn regularly than in huge portions.

Each of our four levels has Lesson Weeks.

A week has only four Bitesize lessons.

That’s right. We’re telling you to take five or ten minutes, four times a week, and you’ll be surprised at how much Irish Gaelic you’ll speak over time.

See your progress

See your progress

The screenshot above shows that I’ve completed Week 9 of my lessons. Yay!

As you use Bitesize Irish Gaelic, you mark each lesson as finished (you can always come back to it later).

When you have completed all four lessons in a lesson week, that week is then marked as finished.

That will give you the real sense of achievement. Go you!

When you complete all weeks in a level, that level is then marked as completed.

No matter what lesson, week or level you’ve completed, you’ll always have access to any level and any week you want.

Try it Now

Are you ready to start learning Irish Gaelic in Bitesize portions?  

Join our clan and start speaking the language of your ancestors.

The Bitesize Method