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Bitesize Irish

The Bitesize Irish online program gives you a foundation in Ireland’s native language.

It does so by getting you into expressing yourself, one bite at a time.

By the end, you will be able to express yourself in your own sentences.

Learn from the best learners

The most successful learners we have come across combine different learning sources.

We don’t expect you to use Bitesize Irish in a vacuum. On the contrary, you should make use of as many suitable learning sources as you can.

For fluency, there are different factors to attaining it. Our most successful learners don’t learn from a single source – they learn from as many sources as possible.

Sign up for Bitesize Irish, listen to free Irish radio online, and watch the free TV channel online.

Reach out

More importantly than learning materials themselves is the chance to practice your language from the beginning. It’s important to reach out and find other learners (either in your local area, or online such as public Facebook groups).

We recommend you listen to our free podcast Episode 023 “Start Something” with Dineen Grow¬†and if you are curious about Irish pronunciation, you can always check out our Crack Irish Gaelic Pronunciation course on Udemy!

Can I become fluent in Irish Gaelic with your lessons?