The Bitesize Method

It’s hard to learn a language You could summarize our approach in one sentence: ¬†Take one bite at a time It’s easy to get burdened and frustrated by the amount of learning ahead of you. That’s why we’ve broken down

I’m not sure about learning Irish online

Try it out for a few days, and see if you can pick up some words. Take little Bitesize lessons regularly, instead of getting overwhelmed with trying to learn too much at once. Be realistic with how much you can

How long will it take to complete your course?

Our full online program of bitesize lessons includes 150+ lessons. Let’s say you take a new lesson each second day, you’ll get through the course in one year. Bitesize Irish Gaelic fits in your schedule. We’re all busy, so it’s

Can I save the online lessons to my computer?

No, they are online lessons. You can listen to the audio as part of our online Bitesize lessons, but you cannot download that audio. As long as you have a free trial or paid membership, you will be able to

Can I print the online lessons?

Yes, you can print any Bitsize lesson to which you have access to. We’ve styled the pages to print out nicely on paper. To print them, use your browser’s printing functionality. Happy scribbling! You might also enjoy our ¬†Pronunciation for