Can I pay in my currency?

Usually, yes! When you   sign up as a paying member, the checkout page will immediately show you the price in your own currency (for most major currencies).

Can I get my money back?

When you sign up, you’re covered by our 30–day money–back guarantee. All you have to do is   contact us. After your first 30 days, you’ll be covered by our reasonable   refund policy (Hint: we’re in the business of helping you

Can I access all your lessons?

As soon as you’re a member, you’ll have access to all the lessons in your plan (you don’t have to wait to access more lessons). Sign up for our free trial, and you’ll get instant access to the full program

What extra resources like dictionaries do you recommend?

See our list of recommended dictionaries for Irish learners. If you’re a member of the Bitesize Irish Gaelic online program, also check out our members-only resources collection. It’s our collection of best online resources for learning Irish. (If you’re not

I’m not sure about learning Irish online

Try it out for a few days, and see if you can pick up some words. Take little Bitesize lessons regularly, instead of getting overwhelmed with trying to learn too much at once. Be realistic with how much you can

Can I take the lessons in any order?

Yes. We recommend you follow our order, but we also encourage you to jump around as it suits you. Remember, our lessons are there to suit your pace, and to suit your learning style.

Can I become fluent in Irish Gaelic with your lessons?

Bitesize Irish Gaelic The Bitesize Irish Gaelic online program gives you a foundation in Ireland’s native language. It does so by getting you into expressing yourself, one bite at a time. By the end, you will be able to express

How much does membership cost after the free trial?

We hope you enjoy your free trial. To continue access to our full program of Bitesize lessons, please sign up for membership. The cost depends on which plan is best for you.  See our plans and sign up for full

How long will my free trial last?

The free trial will last for 21 days after your register. (If you don’t already have an account,   click here to start your free trial .) New visitors may try our online bitesize Irish Gaelic lessons for free. After trying

Downloading your purchased product

This article will help you accessing a downloadable product you purchased from Bitesize Irish Gaelic. Download the file on your computer: After you purchased your product, we sent you an email with a link to download your product. Find that