How can I learn to pronounce those special sounds?

The Irish language has several throaty sounds, and other sounds to pronounce that simply don’t exist in the English language. Watch our video about the throaty sounds of Irish:   (And  here’s a link to the video on YouTube.) You

What dictionaries do you recommend?

Here are the results of one  report about Irish Gaelic learners. It asked learners and their teachers what dictionaries they use. That’s a great nugget of information if you’re serious about learning to speak Irish Gaelic. Online Dictionaries Learning  to

Irish vs Gaelic

“Gaelic” can be used to refer to two different languages! That’s why we often say “Irish Gaelic” to distinguish it from the language found in Scotland. 10 minute video: Irish vs Gaelic Scottish Gaelic and Irish Gaelic are very closely

How can I teach Irish Gaelic to my kids?

Go you! The best way to learn, they say, is to teach others. As you go through our bitesize lessons, make a note of some of the basic words and phrases. Then practice those words with your kids, and make

Am I too old to begin learning Irish Gaelic?

We don’t know where this idea comes from, but it’s something we get asked at Bitesize all the time, and it’s time to put the question to rest once and for all. In a word: No. You are never too old

Do you recommend live courses in Ireland when I visit?

If you can invest one or two weeks in learning Irish in Ireland, we suggest  Oideas Gael. They’re long-established in Donegal. They run courses with a mixture of focus (like the Irish language, and culture). Read a blog post by

What’s the difference between the dialects in Irish?

All dialects of Irish belong to a single language, the Irish language (Gaeilge). Being dialects, it means that each region might have a different approach to saying certain phrases. There are also varying accents. But don’t be fooled – you

Is there a Leinster dialect?

The short answer is: no, there isn’t. In the Irish language, we have three main dialects: Ulster Connacht Munster Those are provinces in Ireland. The fourth is Leinster. It’s along the east coast of Ireland. It’s where Dublin is located,