What’s the difference between the dialects in Irish?

All dialects of Irish belong to a single language, the Irish language (Gaeilge). Being dialects, it means that each region might have a different approach to saying certain phrases. There are also varying accents. But don’t be fooled – you

Is there a Leinster dialect?

The short answer is: no, there isn’t. In the Irish language, we have three main dialects: Ulster Connacht Munster Those are provinces in Ireland. The fourth is Leinster. It’s along the east coast of Ireland. It’s where Dublin is located,

How common is Irish Gaelic in Ireland?

It’s fact that across Ireland, the communal language is ¬†English. That’s what we fight against with Bitesize Irish. It’s what you can have an effect on by showing an Irish person in Ireland that you can speak some Irish! That