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At the end of each of our online Bitesize lessons, you’ll see a message such as:

You just finished Lesson 61 of Bitesize Irish.

Mark Lesson 61 as Finished

You can then click the button “Mark Lesson 61 as Finished” when you are finished with that lesson for now.

No, you do not need to remember everything in a lesson before marking it as finished.

Indeed, we don’t expect you to be able to remember everything in a lesson. Instead, this function is to allow you to mark lessons that you have taken at least once.

While you’re a member, you can always revisit a lesson to review its contents again. We encourage you to come back to past lessons. You’ll see more patterns. You’ll recognize more familiar words. Don’t hold back from marking a lesson as finished. You can always come back to it.

Do I need to remember everything before marking a lesson as finished?