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This article will help you accessing a downloadable product you purchased from Bitesize Irish.

  1. Download the file on your computer:
    1. After you purchased your product, we sent you an email with a link to download your product. Find that email while on your computer, and follow the link to the download page. It’s better to download a file on your computer rather than your mobile device.
    2. Click the download button on the download page
    3. Follow any messages to download the file to your computer
  2. Extract the zip file (if it was a zip file that was downloaded):
    1. To unzip the downloaded file on your Mac, double-click the downloaded file. This will create a new folder in the same location as the downloaded file which contains all the files you need.
    2. To unzip the downloaded file on your PC, find the file you downloaded, and right-click it. Select Extract All. The files you need will now appear in the same folder as your downloaded file.
  3. Copy the files to your mobile device:
    1. If you purchased audio files, then you may want to copy the audio files to your mobile device.
    2. To copy audio files to your Apple device, open iTunes on your computer. Import the .mp3 files you extracted previously into iTunes. Once they appear on iTunes, you can use iTunes to copy them to your device.
    3. To copy audio files to your Android device, connect the device by USB to your computer. Follow any instructions to copy the MP3 files you extracted previously to a folder on your Android device.
Downloading your purchased product