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“Gaelic” can be used to refer to two different languages!

That’s why we often say “Irish Gaelic” to distinguish it from the language found in Scotland.

10 minute video: Irish vs Gaelic

Scottish Gaelic and Irish Gaelic are very closely related.

Watch Eoin’s video about it:

If I learn Irish Gaelic, will I understand Scottish Gaelic?

No, not immediately.

The two languages have a shared history and are very closely related. They use many words and even expressions that are very close to each other.

However, don’t expect to understand both languages at once.

Our suggestion is to focus on one of the languages at one time (either Irish Gaelic or Scottish Gaelic).

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If you are curious about Irish pronunciation, you can always check out our Crack Irish Gaelic Pronunciation course on Udemy!

Irish vs Gaelic